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Case Study

Utopia Pools

Logo & Branding Design | Website Design 

Utopia Pools

Utopia Pools Goulburn is a locally-owned family business that specialises in pool sales and installation in the Goulburn and Southern Highlands region. The client’s goal was to make a striking entry into the market with a comprehensive branding package that would not only set them apart from the competition but also convey a fresh, clean, modern design with a holiday-inspired feel. Their company slogan, “Live your dreams,” served as the guiding theme for all branding and design work. 

Logo and Branding

The first step in creating a distinctive brand identity for Utopia Pools Goulburn was designing a unique logo. Jordan Graphic Design approached the project with a focus on the client’s vision of a fresh, clean, modern design with holiday vibes.

The resulting logo design resonates with potential customers, inviting them to “Live their dreams” through the experience offered by Utopia Pools. The chosen colour scheme included shades of blue, aqua, and deep green to evoke a refreshing, water-related aesthetic, while maintaining a modern, clean look. This logo would be the cornerstone of their branding.

Website Design

Utopia Pools needed an online presence that mirrored their brand and allowed potential customers to explore their services and products. The brief for the website design was to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and consistent with the branding.

The website design incorporates the brand’s colours, fonts, and the “Live your dreams” slogan throughout. It features a clean, modern layout with easy navigation, high-quality imagery, and concise yet informative content. The design ensures visitors to the website feel an immediate connection with the holiday-inspired atmosphere Utopia Pools aims to convey.


The comprehensive branding package for Utopia Pools Goulburn provided a striking and cohesive identity that allowed the new business to stand out in the market. The brand’s logo, and website design effectively communicates the client’s vision of a fresh, clean, modern design with a holiday feel. Utopia Pools’ visual identity, with its cool, watery colour scheme and the slogan “live your dreams,” successfully captured the attention of potential customers, leaving a lasting impression.