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Arlene Wherritt, a management consultant, embarked on launching her corporate coaching venture, Titaniam. Her aim was to infuse her business’s marketing materials, including the logo and branding, website, and PowerPoint presentation, with a striking and dynamic visual identity.

Design Directive

Jordan Graphic Designs mission was to craft a brand identity that embodied Titaniam’s core values of strength, professionalism, and human connection. The design directive included creating a bold, sleek, and polished look. The business name Titaniam cleverly combines the strength of the metal titanium with a unique twist in the spelling, replacing the last letters with ‘iam.’ This alteration to ‘iam’ is a nod to the concept of ‘I am’ the individual. Highlighting these three letters was a key element of the logo design brief.

Design Solutions:

Logo and Branding – We crafted a typographic logo for Titaniam, highlighting the key letters ‘I AM’ within the business name in deep teal. We choose a sans-serif typeface for a clean and modern look, emphasizing a typographic logo to convey a sense of strength. The minimalist design embodied the client’s desire for simplicity and recognizability.

Colour Palette – The Titaniam colour palette represents empowerment and creativity. The primary colours of deep teal/blue and symbolize stability and trust, while the ascent colour of raspberry was chosen to add a touch of the vibrancy and contrast.

Website – The website we developed aligned seamlessly with the new brand identity. Its clean, polished look and easy navigation catered to the executive-level audience, offering comprehensive information about Titaniam’s coaching services.

PowerPoint Presentation – Titaniam’s corporate presentations received a makeover, featuring the new branding elements. The polished design enhanced their pitches to potential clients and partners. Templates were designed to be easy to use, featuring a well-managed design to ensure that the integrity of the design and branding remains consistent in future presentations.

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