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Case Study

Ursula Stephens, Sts Peter & Paul’s Old Cathedral Goulburn

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Marketing Collateral for Cathedral Restoration Fundraising

Sts Peter & Paul’s Old Cathedral Goulburn, an iconic and historic building in Goulburn, was in dire need of restoration to ensure its preservation for future generations. The task of raising $10 million for the cathedral’s restoration was undertaken by the projects chair, Dr Ursula Stephens, who sought the expertise of Jordan Graphic Design to create a suite of marketing collateral for the fundraising effort.

Project Goals

The primary goal of this project was to design marketing collateral that would resonate with the cathedral’s rich history and sacred significance while also appealing to contemporary audiences.

The key objectives included:

  • Developing a distinctive logo that captured the essence of the cathedral
  • Creating a cohesive visual identity with a classic yet modern aesthetic
  • Designing various promotional materials to effectively convey the fundraising message

Design Process:

Logo Design – Jordan Graphic Design started by crafting a logo that served as the cornerstone of the entire marketing campaign. The brief called for a contemporary interpretation of a church logo with a classic touch. We opted for a classic typeface that exuded timeless elegance. The defining element of the logo was the inclusion of a cross icon inspired by the intricate patterns found within the painted walls of the cathedral. The colour scheme incorporated golds, creams, and deep smoky blue to evoke a sense of spirituality and grandeur. 

Marketing Touchpoints – With the logo in place, we proceeded to create a comprehensive suite of marketing collateral including business cards, letterheads, with comps, giving cards, folders and document presentations. Eye-catching posters and flyers were distributed throughout the community to generate awareness and support.


With a visually cohesive and compelling brand identity, the campaign garnered widespread attention and support from the community, donors, and sponsors. The fundraising goals were achieved, allowing for the complete restoration of Sts Peter & Paul’s Old Cathedral Goulburn.