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Case Study

Southern Highlands Website Projects

Website Design & Development

Booktown Southern Highlands, Needlecraft Australia, Mary Poppins Southern Highlands

Garry and Nerida Barnsley, lifelong residents of the picturesque Southern Highlands NSW, have dedicated their lives to supporting and championing the unique heritage and culture of their community.

They approached Jordan Graphic Design with a vision to create a suite of websites that would serve as lasting tributes to projects close to their hearts. These websites would act as time capsules, preserving the history, achievements, and legacies of three vital projects in the area.

The three projects are:

Booktown Southern Highlands – Celebrates and documents the legacy of Booktown Southern Highlands, which holds the distinction of being Australia’s First Booktown.

Needlecraft Australia – Pays homage to the rich history of the Southern Highlands as a hub for creative expression in the needlecraft and fibre arts scene. Highlighting the contributions of local artisans and their impact in the creative community.

Mary Poppins Southern Highlands – Acknowledges the historical connection between PL Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, and Bowral, where she lived as a child and may have drawn inspiration for her beloved story.

Project Scope

Jordan Graphic Design was tasked with designing and developing three distinct websites, each tailored to the unique characteristics and significance of the respective projects.


Jordan Graphic Design successfully delivered three visually appealing and highly informative websites. The sites continue to be a testament to the commitment and dedication of the Barnsleys to these Southern Highlands projects, and they stand as a lasting legacy piece for future generations. Jordan Graphic Design is proud to have played a role in bringing this vision to life.