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Case Study

Karma Kulfi

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Karma Kulfi

Karma Kulfi, a premium ice cream brand, approached Jordan Graphic Design with a unique challenge: to create packaging that not only preserved the essence of their product but also stood out in a saturated market. The client’s vision was to infuse the packaging with vibrancy, fun, and a summery feel while showcasing the main ingredient.

Project Scope

Our task encompassed designing individual ice cream wrappers, retail boxes, and tubs. Additionally, we were entrusted with creating the brand’s visual identity, including the Karma Kulfi logo, and providing captivating product photography for the packaging.

Design Approach

Drawing inspiration from Karma Kulfi’s ingredients, the packaging design features the key ingredient of the ice cream flavour as its focal point.

A vibrant and bold colour palette was used to convey freshness and summertime vibes.

The Karma Kulfi logo, a playful and elegant representation, perfectly encapsulated the brand’s premium yet fun identity.


The combination of striking colours, photography, and a distinct logo created a cohesive brand image that stands out on the shelves. The packaging not only communicates the product’s quality but also its essence, establishing Karma Kulfi as a premium ice cream brand with a playful twist.

Scope of work

Packaging Design
Logo Design
Branding Development
Art Direction

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