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Goulburn Soldiers Club

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Goulburn Soldiers Club Book design


Designing a book to celebrate the club’s 101-year history.


As the Goulburn Soldiers Club approached its 101-year anniversary in 2022, they embarked on a project to commemorate and chronicle their journey from 1989 to 2022. This project aimed to create a book that would serve as a companion piece to their first publication ‘A History of Goulburn Soldiers Club 1921 to 1988’. They sought a design that would showcase the club’s milestones and recognize it’s contributions within the Goulburn community.

Scope of Work

Graphic Design – The core objective was to design a visually captivating book that would:

  • Showcase the significant milestones, events, and growth of the Goulburn Soldiers Club.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of the club’s board, management, staff, and the Goulburn community.

Jordan Graphic Design was also engaged in a management role for the project. This  included: organising and collating information; procuring printing services; engagement of copywriting services; developing project timelines and liaison between parties.


The final outcome of the project resulted in a comprehensive 388-page book that successfully celebrated the Goulburn Soldiers Club’s 101-year history from 1988 to 2022. The design and content of the book were carefully crafted to meet the client’s objectives.

Timeline Format – The main part of the book followed a timeline format, spanning the 32 years from 1989 to 2022. This chronological approach allowed readers to easily navigate through the club’s history and milestones.

Rich Imagery – The design incorporated a wealth of images, including newspaper articles and social photos featuring patrons and events at the club. These visuals added depth and engagement to the historical narrative.

Colour Palette – The colour palette of olive gold and black provided an elegant and timeless backdrop for the content, reflecting the club’s longevity and heritage.

Book Cover – The printed book cover featured a luxurious matte cello varnish, metallic gold accents, and embossed embellishments. These design elements provide a tactile and sophisticated feel, creating an attractive and commemorative appearance.

The Goulburn Soldiers Club’s 101-Year Anniversary Book design project resulted in a visually stunning and historically informative publication. The final product effectively celebrated the club’s rich history, its contributions to the community, and the dedicated individuals who have been part of its journey. The timeline-based organisation, the use of imagery, and the attention to detail in design elements all contributed to a book that serves as a valuable piece of Goulburn Soldiers Club history and a testament to its enduring legacy.

Scope of work

Book Design
Book Production
Copywriting Procurement
Print Procurement
Project Management



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